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Viator Tour: Lido de Paris

The Lido de Paris “Paris Merveilles” Show

My husband and I didn’t know what to expect from our evening out in one of the most famous nightclubs in Paris. Arriving at the Lido de Paris on the glamorous Champs-Elysées, it was obvious it would be a memorable experience. From dressing nicely to seeing the famous Bluebell Girls and an impressive cabaret show, the night was spectacular beginning to end.

The nightclub ran like clockwork. Service was polite and slick; visitors were ushered to their private tables and Champagne and menus came out fast. Even though we were waited on hand and foot, the service staff was both pleasant and unobtrusive. The celebratory atmosphere in the club continued to ramp up as champagne flowed and cameras flashed, with people chatting across tables and waiters scooting around the dining hall with personalized birthday cakes and fire-spewing cocktails.

Dinner was superb—three courses of impeccable cooking from Chef Philippe Lacroix included traditional specialties like foie gras, prawns, duck, and veal, and chocolate Lenôtre macarons for dessert.

Entertainment-wise, the run up to the cabaret was fun and fast-paced. A six-piece jazz combo, a few rock ‘n’ roll numbers, and a well-loved Blues Brothers routine got everybody up and dancing on the famous Lido stage. About an hour and a half into dinner, the music stopped for a change of pace with magic tricks and a mime artist. Soon after, the floor lowered and the curtains parted as the legendary Bluebells Girls made their entrance—all  long-legged and glittery—to kick off a 90-minute spectacle of feathers, sequins, leopard print and rousing sing-along performances to changing 3D-backdrops and an awesome light show.

Starring in the cabaret were numerous dancers, a powerful solo singer, and acrobats from the Cirque du Soleil, who romped through 23 sets and songs relating to different themes and eras. Fountains rose out of the floor, dry ice hung in the air, and at one point even a horse made a brief appearance on stage. The high spot of the evening, however, was the spirited cancan dance, performed (as tradition dictates) with the girls largely topless—a true taste of an iconic Parisian tradition from a bygone era.

— Sasha Heseltine

Viator tour: Lido de Paris “Paris Merveilles”® Dinner and Show by from Viator Travel Blog

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