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The Best Ski Resorts for Beginners

This time, traveling for holiday is one of the a way of lifestyle for many people in the world. All of them want get some have fun after busy days at town.


Skiing is difficult, until you know how to do it and then it’s the easiest thing in the world. You can always learn how to ski on those horrible dry ski slopes that towns sometimes have, but there more fun to just barrel down in a giant, inflatable rubber ring. To really learn how to ski, you need to get out onto the slopes and learn. So here is a list of some of the best ski resorts for beginners who may be a bit nervous or lacking in confidence.

First: A Dictionary of Terms

Here is the colour codes you might have seen before and what they mean in normal person speak (American’s miss out the red level and their blue is harder):

  • Green – Beginner
  • Blue – Easy
  • Red – Intermediate
  • Black – Expert

And now for a few of the terms you may not know yet:

  • Piste: It is the French (and most commonly used) term for the ski slope.
  • Nursery Slope: Very gentle slopes, used for beginners (good for children) this is where you should go first.
  • Gondola: Enclosed chair lift, more like a cable car.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Without meaning to stereotype the Italian people, this entire resort is very laid back, where more après ski takes place than actual skiing, which makes it perfect for beginners, especially considering that nearly half of all the slopes are blue or red. The whole resort is also filled with many beginner only areas and ‘slow zones’ so no beginner will have to feel silly learning the ropes here. Everyone has to start somewhere. To make sure you know if skiing is going to be for you, check out some deals on sites like, so that if you never want to step foot on a mountain again, you won’t have broken the bank trying to learn.

Alpe d’Huez

If Cortina seemed too daunting, then the Alpe d’Huez is the answer. This is the world’s largest collection of green and blue runs, which means that you can practice to your hearts content, without fear of some black-run skier laughing at you as you fall down for the forty-fourth time. If you feel you need more help getting on those skis, then the Alpe d’Huez has a very popular and well regarded skiing instruction school.


If you want to jump straight into the glitz and celebrity studded glamour of the skiing community at the same time as learning, than Lech in Austria is perfect. At the base of the mountain are some excellent nursery slopes which will really help you find your feet before heading further up the mountain to find the true skiing experience. Lech is also famous of being quite tree-light which means fewer collisions on your way down.

Wherever you choose to go there will be ample help on hand to make sure you’re safe and confident on the slopes. You’ll be enjoying the adrenaline rush in no time, before heading to the bar for a spot of après ski music, drink, and good conversation.

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  1. I don’t ski, but these places sound amazing!!

  2. Great post!! Nice tips 🙂

  3. I don’t ski but always wondered how it is to learn the sport. These places seem amazing that I would be glad to just sit in a corner coffee shop and see the world go by.

  4. I’m a beginner! Too bad these ski resorts are far from where I live. I’d like to try them!

  5. I have to say I would LOVE to visit some of these resorts as they look amazing! However I can’t ski – but never mind I stay for the hottub. 😉

  6. Good to know. Im what seems to be the only person in my group of peers that could care less about skiing. Drinking in the lodge on the other hand….

    Maybe its time I gave some of these places a try

  7. I would love to go to ski resort one day!! Great tips. 🙂


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