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Lets make an itinerary (Part 1 : Research and Preparation)

A few days or a few weeks, or even months before the trip, backpacker should start doing research about his journey. The first thing that became the basis of the research is the number of day trips. If the number of days of the trip is already definitive, then the research will be more focused.

The next step is collect all the information about travel destinations, including days and hours of operation, public transportation, which is used to get there, complete with maps, estimated travel time, costs and the estimated price of admission, if any. Furthermore, from all the information has been obtained, do a mapping to determine a tourist destination which is adjacent, both close in terms of distance, or travel time. From the mapping, a traveler can determine the best location to stay.

After that, the research continued, to find lodging, either in terms of comfort and in terms of the budget. Finding lodging is a very challenging research, because so many parameters, which is used, such as hotel rates, room types, whether dormitory or private room, the types of bathrooms, whether shared or private bathroom, the hotel’s location, condition of the hotel building, the environment around hotel, room cleanliness, availability of breakfast, the breakfast menu, to support facilities around the hotel such as restaurants (especially halal restaurants for muslim), mini markets or places of worship.

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