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Lets make an itinerary (Part 1 : Research and Preparation)

People said, good planning is the halfway to success. Based on this sentence, it can be concluded that, prior to a trip, a traveler must make itinerary or travel plans, whether it’s a trip that use a package tour or traveling independently a.k.a backpacker.

Situation of Hong Kong International Airport

Situation of Hong Kong International Airport

If you follow the package tour from a travel agent, itinerary usually arranged by travel agents. We just pay, sit back, and the travel agent will take us exploring. All facilities are complete, from the ticket, a shuttle from the airport / station, a vehicle to get around, the tour guide, meals, lodging, and delivery to the airport / station. Travel agents usually also provide tour packages, which itinerary can be modified, adjust its customers desire. Of course with an additional cost.

It is different with backpacker style, in which a traveler, is required to prepare everything by himself, start from buying tickets, transfers from the airport / station, transportation to the airport / train station, tourist destinations, along with information of transportation to get there, where to eat and places to stay.

Backpacker style is the scientific side of a trip. The flurry of preparing for the trip has the same value with the hassles of working on thesis. But there are differences between them. Doing the thesis was not pleasant, while preparing for the trip was very enjoyable.

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