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Why you shouldn’t visit Starbucks when you come to Queenstown

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It’s a real shame that Starbucks was allowed to set up shop in Queenstown. If that isn’t a hint as to the bias of this article, I’ll make it even clearer… If you actually do love Starbucks you should probably stop reading now. Or maybe step outside your comfort zone and keep reading, it might change your life, or at the very least it will hopefully encourage you to think… Read More

Lets make an itinerary (Part 3 : Example of Itinerary to Singapore)

This post actually a part of our previous post titled Let’s Make an Itinerary Part 1. I rewrite again because we think some of our reader don’t want to know the theory of Itinerary and the thing that they need is real example of itinerary.

Travel to Singapore

Travel to Singapore

This is an itinerary travel to Singapore 2D2N.

Day 1, Friday, May 6, 2016

4:30 pm to 8:00 pm Travel by plane
8:00 pm to 9:00 pm Arriving in Singapore, then queued to pass through Immigration Singapore
9:00 pm to 9:40 pm Travel by MRT from Changi Airport to Bugis (Estimated S $ 2 per person)
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Lets make an itinerary (Part 2 : The Important Thing)

After doing some research and preparation of the itinerary, it’s time to discuss some important things to consider when making itinerary. Those things are becoming one of the key success factors of the trip.

KLIA 2 Aiport, Malaysia

KLIA 2 Aiport, Malaysia

Traveling, which should be the activity for fun, it would be disastrous if some important things is not considered properly. Some of these are as follows.

Make a reasonable itinerary

Sometimes, a traveler has a wish to utilize the time optimally. I mean, with a limited time, can visit tourist destinations, as much as possible. A trip like this is not recommended, because the trip will be not be enjoyed. Purpose of trip becomes just a check in place in social media, selfie, and then immediately go to visit other places. There is no interaction with the locals or just observe the culture there. Indeed, in this way, selfie photo collection will be a lot, which can be used to change the profile picture every day or every time, but only pictures only, impression gained during the trip.

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Lets make an itinerary (Part 1 : Research and Preparation)

People said, good planning is the halfway to success. Based on this sentence, it can be concluded that, prior to a trip, a traveler must make itinerary or travel plans, whether it’s a trip that use a package tour or traveling independently a.k.a backpacker.

Situation of Hong Kong International Airport

Situation of Hong Kong International Airport

If you follow the package tour from a travel agent, itinerary usually arranged by travel agents. We just pay, sit back, and the travel agent will take us exploring. All facilities are complete, from the ticket, a shuttle from the airport / station, a vehicle to get around, the tour guide, meals, lodging, and delivery to the airport / station. Travel agents usually also provide tour packages, which itinerary can be modified, adjust its customers desire. Of course with an additional cost.

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Five Things To Be Prepared Before Traveling

Nowadays, traveling has become a way of life for most people in the world. the rise of budget airlines coupled with the emergence of social media, making increasingly more explorers on earth. The immigration office is busy with the many requests a new passport or passport renewal. Immigration gates at airports, seaports, stations, filled with travelers queue.

Flight Schedule of Airport

Flight Schedule of Airport

For the new explorers who will start traveling around the world, here are five things to be prepared before traveling overseas.

1. Passport (and Copy of Passport)

Passport is an identity card when traveling overseas. Therefore, the passport must be owned by the traveler, before traveling overseas.

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